This group exhibition, curated by Dan Miller, presents new work by six artists from Glasgow and Copenhagen. It incorporates a wide range of media to create a dynamic and immersive audiovisual environment – a place of intermittent ocular and auricular experience.

Miller presents a series of prints that investigate the legacy of capitalist realism. Miller and Mac present a live audiovisual performance that concentrates on themes of resolution, distortion and fidelity. Danø presents a ‘hideout’ built from standardised pallets adorned with images and text, while Hüttel has created an installation incorporating light works, costumes and video. This is complimented by Norwood’s relief paintings and Pollock’s steel and foam crafted sculpture.

Kindly supported by: Glasgow International 2016, WAVEparticle, The Danish Arts Foundation, Urban Union, Network Rail, New Gorbals Housing Association and Stalled Spaces.