Dirty Mac

Lives and parties in Glasgow, Scotland.

Dirty Mac has been producing, recording, remixing, and performing music/soundscape work for the last 25 years. In that time he has attended various music schools, worked behind and in front of the mixing desk, played festivals, run record labels, promoted bands and club nights. He has operated under a number of different pseudonyms producing a wide range of sonic and musical projects. Dirty Mac is about to release The Made on Mars EP on Most Valuable Plastic.

Projects and forthcoming releases as Dirty Mac include: The last b-boy on mars ep– m.v.p label (2015); Party Trax – m.v.p label (2015); Shoot Yer Shot, The Artschool, Glasgow, Scotland (2015); Mistex, Poetry Club, Glasgow, Scotland (2015); Unicorn Chaser, Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Scotland (2015).

Releases as Sleepless Crew include: Voodootronics – Subplate Records (2007);We could be zeroes ep – Subplate Records (2006); Spell house – Dalriada (2006);The acid dancehall ep – Subplate Records (2006); Horns for roadsters ep – Subplate Records (2003).

For more information: www.dirtymac.club