Kev Pollock

Anna Zett, This Unwieldy Object (47:00)

Basim Magdy, The Everyday Ritual of Solitude Hatching Monkeys (13:23)

Steve Reinke, The Natural Look (36:32)

Exhibition design by Kevin Pollock

In Giving Up the Ghost, you are invited to look at three artist films that use oblique narrative and documentary strategies to think critically around the concept of natural forces that govern our lives. The works subvert the concept of the natural as antithetical to social constructs, intertwining the autobiographical, material, and fictional through the subjective voices of the narrators and carefully collected images.

The exhibition environment designed by Glasgow artist Kevin Pollock considers the visitor’s experience within the viewing conditions of a darkened gallery space. Constructing the cinematic space through sculptural concerns, the films are shown individually, in sequence, on separate constructed projection planes.These new seating and projection devices house the works in this show and will go on to support projections and viewers in future screenings and events.

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