Kev Pollock

Kev Pollock (b.1978, Ayr) lives and works in Glasgow. Pollock graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2003. Pollock’s sculpture, installation and site-specific works are deeply aware of their own process. Within this they offer us a peculiar, inverted and humorous reflection on the beautifully mundane. Their interaction, both with the space and with the viewer is, all at once, a projection of imaginative potential and challenge to play.

His practice is based on a deep understanding of materials and acute awareness of aesthetic balance. He simultaneously works to an exacting method, valuing a high standard of craftsmanship. By means reminiscent of the Surrealists ‘Automatic Writing’ his structures are conceived, as they are composed.

The work Untitled (2010) is synonymous with Pollock’s exploration of surface and form. Two- tone Formica laminates are delicately scoured to produce intense linear patterns, cutting through the reflective gloss surface to reveal the substrate. The bookshelf come diving board suggests an impending action or happening…perhaps a reference to Hockney’s A Bigger Splash 1967.

Recent exhibitions include: Pavilion – James Clarkson with Rachel Adams, Laura Aldridge, James McLardy, Ciara Phillips, Kevin Pollock, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, 2012; The common light of day, Intermedia, Glasgow, 2010; Leger Trager, Dan Miller & Kevin Pollock, Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art, 2009; The State, A. Vermin, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2008.

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