Rasmus Danø

Rasmus Danø (b.1974, Elsinore, Denmark) lives and works in Frederiksberg / Cph. Denmark. Danø graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in 2001. Danø’s work reflects different issues of cultural identity through an intuitive use of iconographic imagery. The metaphor of the abandoned landscape is used both as a specific subject and as a filter with references to culture, language and body. The landscape is a common denominator that binds his various expressions together.

He creates pictures and scenarios for places where everything begins or ends. Through its inbuilt humour and ambiguity, the work asks the viewer to re-evaluate their own relationship to the world around them. For his installation New Eternity (2014) at NG Gallery in Oslo, Danø created a large-scale installation comprising of woodcuts laminated on cardboard. The transformation of printed material into sculptural form generated a quasi-sanctified environment. The viewer is drawn into the circular void at the centre of the structure, constantly reminded that ‘THIS IS REAL’ by the hand cut disclaimer on the wall.

Recent solo shows include: Out Sight, Gallery Briskeby, Oslo, Norway, 2015; Closing Time, IPA Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland; Open Barrier, Norwegian Printmakers Gallery, Oslo, Norway, 2014. Group shows include: Syd For Grænsen, Vestjyllands Artpavillon, Videbæk , Denmark, 2015; Ind i Skabet, Bakkehusmuseum, Frb, Denmark, 2015; Ud af Skabet, Nivågaards Malerisamling, Denmark, 2014; 11th Graphic Art Biennial «Kaliningrad-Königsberg» – Kaliningrad, Russia, 2013; The Abscence Of…Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany, 2013.

For more information: www.siofc.com